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We recognize that navigating the complex world of hearing devices and various ways of obtaining hearing health care can be challenging both to those in our community wondering about their own hearing and to their family members. We also know that making such an important investment is not done without great care and confidence that the decision to move forward is the right one.

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“Hearing in a courtroom is absolutely necessary for a practicing attorney. Although I was irritated by your insistence on follow-up post-fitting visits, I now realize they were necessary to achieve the best possible result. Thank you for helping me continue to help others.”

F.K. - Lodi, CA
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The Stockton Hearing & Speech Center has been in continuous operation since 1946. It has evolved with the hearing aid industry to provide superior care and products to San Joaquin County and the surrounding area. The Stockton Hearing & Speech Center was one of the first audiological practices in the country to begin delivering hearing aids in 1977 as part of a comprehensive approach to hearing rehabilitation.

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3244 Brookside Rd
Suite 180
Stockton, CA 95219

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